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Lessons From My Worst Manager

Sometimes we can learn the most by studying the way NOT to manage.

4 Lessons From My Worst Manager

What lessons did you learn (or maybe you're still learning)  from your worst manager?


Better yet… what advice would you give THEM to strengthen their leadership?


Having a bad manager is the worst! It has ripple effects far beyond your current work.


It can affect your personal outlook, relationship with others, and even your home life.


As an organization, I believe managers make or break cultures and initiatives.


As an HR pro and now as a coach and consultant, this is one of the most obvious things I've seen through the years:


INVEST in your managers and you create a positive ripple effect that reverberates through the organization


OR DON'T… and you'll see that same ripple, but instead of being a helpful current in the right direction it creates choppy waters.


Thankfully, I've only had one truly terrible manager.


My biggest lesson from her:  Experts that try to control every aspect of the work (including the people doing it), end up wearing themselves out and everyone around them.  For me, being controlled vs empowered is a complete demotivator that ultimately causes me to 'tap out'.

What lessons have you learned?

Want to make sure your managers are an asset and not a liability?

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