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Giving Tailored Feedback With The SBI Model + DiSC

Feedback. Whether you're giving or receiving, it can be tough. One of my favorite models for giving feedback is CCL's SBI model. Simply put, share the SITUATION, BEHAVIOR, IMPACT. That's great, but how you share it is just as important. In this post, I give some tips for providing feedback through SBI with an adaptive approach that considers the other person's communication and work style.

Last week was life-giving for me!


Not only did I get to spend an extended weekend in San Diego visiting my sister/bestie, but I had some time for introspection and professional development as I finished the final stages of my Everything DiSC certification.


As a coach and HR practitioner, I'm usually the one helping others with self-reflection.


When I get with a group of my "HR people" it's an opportunity for us to share ideas and expand our thinking.


It's also a time to receive the support and encouragement that we so consistently give to others.


One of my favorite models for providing feedback that I share in my coaching is the S-B-I model from CCL.


Clarify the SITUATION. Describe the BEHAVIOR. Explain the IMPACT- then, explore intentions and a path forward.


During one of our breakout groups, the model came up and I had the revelation that it doesn't account for an important letter in the acronym.


A------> ASSESS and ADAPT!


Before you jump into providing feedback, assess the person's communication and conflict needs and how you might tailor each of the other steps in the framework.


Case in Point: Folks with my "Si" DiSC type have strengths in encouragement, collaboration, and support.


We prefer harmony and may even avoid conflict.


Before jumping right into constructive feedback, AFFIRMING our relationship and your intent goes a long way in helping me receive your feedback well.


Others (like my Di husband) prefer their feedback straight, no chaser. In his case, the extra 'fluff' is annoying and he would prefer direct feedback that focuses on what happened and what changes are needed moving forward. Period.


Whether you're using the SBI model or not, take the extra time to ASSESS and ADAPT your style when providing feedback.


Not sure how to figure out your team's needs or need help adapting your leadership and communication style? Let's chat!


As a certified Everything DiSC and 5 Behaviors of Cohesive Teams partner, I help individuals and organizations explore their personal styles and the needs of others.



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