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Among other things, I’m a wife, a mom, a lifelong learner, a trusted advisor, a coach, a singer, a home design addict and a DIYer.  I’m passionate about helping bring out the best in others and I love to use my Swiss-army-knife of skills and talents to tackle big challenges that have meaningful impacts on others.  I believe in humility, the power of laughter, and not taking ourselves too seriously. I believe in saying what you mean and meaning what you say.  Principles, character and integrity ALWAYS win- especially when it comes to the ‘people business’!     

I never thought I’d be an HR practitioner (story for another day), but I have had an amazing career  working with business owners and leaders of some of the world’s leading companies. I've been a part of amazaing teams that are redefining the future of work and delivering leading edge employee experiences.  Along the way, I’ve picked up some great experiences that I draw from in my work and coaching.  I’d love to chat about what you and your team are tackling right now and how I might help!

Hi! My name is Rashel

A few of my focus areas include:

HR Strategy  Coaching Hybrid Work Culture
Human-Centered Design  Learning & Growth

 Org. Effectiveness DEI&B  Change Management

Employee Experience    Listening Strategy 

Employee Relations Team Development 

I leverage my unique expertise and lived experience as a trusted advisor, consultant and coach.

 I’m a bridge to helping nail down what matters most to employees and delivering solutions (big and small) that lead to better business outcomes, remarkable employee experiences, and exceptional cultures.


I love helping organizations translate insights rooted in empathy into practical solutions that make an impact.  

I’ve always been the “front-of-the-class” type… never satisfied with the minimum and always striving for excellence.  I’m looking to partner with other people ready to shake things up and (re)define a more human-centered future of work!


Here are some of the organizations I've partnered with through consulting,  employment, and/or board involvement.

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