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Mastering Difficult Conversations

Mastering Difficult Conversations

Online or In-Person


Navigating difficult conversations is a crucial skill for any leader, and our hands-on workshop is designed to equip you with the tools and confidence you need. Whether you're dealing with performance issues, addressing team conflicts, or having strategic discussions, this workshop will help you approach these conversations with clarity and effectiveness.

------What You'll Learn------
In this workshop, we integrate best-in-class frameworks from "Crucial Conversations," "Difficult Conversations," and the Center for Creative Leadership. You'll learn to:

- Understand and Manage Emotions: Gain insights into the emotional dynamics that can derail difficult conversations and learn strategies to manage them.
- Communicate Clearly and Effectively: Develop skills to articulate your thoughts and concerns clearly while remaining empathetic and respectful.
- Build and Maintain Relationships: Discover techniques to preserve and strengthen relationships even when discussing challenging topics.

------Hands-On Practice------
This workshop isn't just about learning concepts; it's about applying them. You'll bring a real-life conversation you need to have within the next three months and:
- Develop a Strategy: Create a tailored plan for your conversation using the frameworks and models discussed.
- Practice and Refine: Engage in role-plays and simulations to practice your approach in a safe environment.
- Receive Peer Feedback: Gain valuable insights and suggestions from your peers to enhance your strategy.

------Delivery Options------
This workshop is flexible and can accommodate varied audience sizes, whether delivered in-person or virtually. This ensures you get the most out of the experience, regardless of your location or team setup.

Join us to transform the way you handle difficult conversations and become a more effective, confident leader.

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