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Focal 360 Feedback Survey

Individual Feedback

Focal 360 Feedback Survey

Our 360 degree feedback software is an assessment tool that is trusted and used by more than half of the Fortune 100, as well as thousands of other companies worldwide. Focal 360 is an industry-leading 360 degree feedback survey solution designed for groups or projects of any size.

It is easy to use, is an effective appraisal system, includes an important self evaluation, and is highly customizable.

Intuitive Employee Portal

Online Reporting

In the interactive dashboard, managers and employees can see the overall results of the multi rater performance evaluation at a glance. Then, they can easily drill into important details for a more complete picture of the 360 degree feedback review.

Expert Guidance

Insight & Advice help you better understand issues and take corrective action. A 360 degree feedback assessment is a tool to detect strengths and weaknesses to build management and leadership skills based on the report.

Progress Monitoring

Get quick feedback on your development goals, and then on your progress.

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