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Engaging & Retaining Talent

Engaging & Retaining Talent

Online or In-Person


Unlock the secrets to building a motivated, loyal, and high-performing team with our "Engaging and Retaining Talent" workshop. This hands-on session empowers leaders with the skills and strategies necessary to foster a thriving workplace where employees feel valued and engaged.

------What You'll Learn------
The workshop revolves around the ACE framework:
-Ask: Involve your team, clarify roles and expectations, and focus on individual development.
- Connect: Build empathy, share openly, and remain approachable to strengthen relationships.
- Energize: Boost your team's esteem and provide unwavering support to maintain high energy levels.

------Workshop Highlights------
-Self-Assessment: Begin with a brief self-assessment to evaluate your current engagement and retention strategies. Use your results to identify focus areas for improvement.
-Targeted Improvement: Tailor your learning experience based on your self-assessment results, ensuring you address your most pressing leadership challenges.
-Team Assessment: When conducted with an intact team, compare individual assessments and complete a collective evaluation for your team or department.
-Real-World Examples: Gain insights from real-world case studies and examples that illustrate effective engagement and retention strategies.
-Peer Discussion and Ideation: Leverage the power of peer interactions to brainstorm, discuss, and ideate new approaches for your team.

------Delivery Options------

This workshop is designed for varied audience sizes and can be delivered in-person or virtually, making it accessible and convenient regardless of your team's location.

------Why This Workshop?------

Effective communication and connection are at the heart of engaging and retaining talent. By participating in this workshop, you'll enhance your ability to communicate effectively, connect meaningfully, and energize your team, leading to improved retention and overall team performance.

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