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Let's Start Your Coaching Journey!

I'm looking forward to being a part of your career journey. Here's a bit of information to get started.

What to Expect

I serve as a guide and partner in your growth. I'll empower you to identify a few areas to focus on and help you along that journey. I can't provide you with all the answers, but I will provide a safe space for you to learn more about yourself and explore paths forward in your growth. I'll provide feedback, tools, and support for your growth journey.


Ultimately you are in the driver's seat, so while I have a process and methodology, I will adapt to your goals and needs.


Growth can be challenging and uncomfortable at times. I'll encourage you to get out of your comfort zone, but you will always have final control.

My Approach

As a partner in your development, there are six key commitments that show up in my coaching approach:

A Listening Ear


& Encouragement



& Confidentiality

Let's prepare for your 1st session

Before we meet, please take a moment to complete your pre-coaching questionaire and send it back so that I have an opportunity to learn more about you and hit the ground running in our first session.

Pre-coaching Questionnaire

Development Products & Support

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